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European Hunts



 European Hunts guarantee a shot at hundreds of pheasants. These hunts feature 12 stations on a circular course. The birds are released from an area of dense cover. Shooters rotate around the course, giving equal opportunity to all. This type of hunt is typically designed for 12 to 24 hunters and includes 240 to 1000 birds, depending on the number of participants and the hunt package. This hunt can also be used as the perfect way for businesses to entertain clients or for a group of friends to have a blast!

European Hunts last an average of three hours, so bring plenty of shells. All shells must be 2 ¾ inches, no larger than six shot, and 1 ¼ ounce powder. No 3 inch shells or magnums allowed. Shells will also be available for purchase on site.  Also included in the hunts is all bird processing.  The birds will be cleaned after hunt and divided amongst all hunters. 



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