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Traditional Field Hunt

Carrying on the Tradition…

Stepping into the amber colored field surrounded by the immense colors of the fall foliage running down the tree lines, anticipating the first point of your trusted dog and the sudden cackle of a rooster as he takes flight or the explosion of a covey of Bobwhite Quail. It’s the joy of watching your hunting partner, your best friend, your dog retrieving the bird you thought could never be found.

It’s reconnecting with old hunting buddies and not caring if you get a thing. It’s showing business associates how you spend yourfree time. It’s passing down the tradition to your children as your father did with you. Whatever brings you afield, the passion, obsession and tradition can be found at Oak Creek Sporting Club.

Located in the core of the Heartland, world renowned for upland bird hunting, Oak Creek has thousands of acres of prime upland bird habitat all within a controlled shooting environment. Native pheasant, Bobwhite quail and introduced chuckar populations thrive in this area and will most certainly satisfy even the staunchest wingshooter. Oak Creek’s guides and dogs are some of the best in the Midwest, with infectious personalities, significant knowledge and awesome dog handling, an upland experience at Oak Creek is like no other. With no limits to end the excitement too soon, professional guides to fully maximize your shooting chances, dogs with impeccable field manners, we can try to explain all the wonders of upland bird hunting at Oak Creek but, it must be experienced to fully understand.



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