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Oak Creek specializes in pheasant and chukar hunting on 1500+ acres of upland fields and woodlands. Our primary focus is bird hunting and we have package hunts or a-la-carte packages available. We can also provide experienced guides, trained bird dogs, and the cleaning and packaging of birds for our customers.





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Let the Hunting Begin!!
In just 1 short week at Oak Creek Sporting Club, hunting season will begin.  We are excited for hunts to begin and the hunting book is getting some dates booked.  This year we will have again have 9 different fields to choose from for you hunts.  Each field ranges in size and cover to allow each group just what they are looking for.   We will again have a couple of field that are shorter in cover for training or to get that youth out there for his or her first hunt.  At Oak Creek we encourage you to use your own dog for your hunts, and if you don't have one yet, no problem one of our 8 different guides would love to take you out.  I know with 9 fields there is normally a field open, but if you have a date in mind, it would be good to get it on the books, esp. if you need a guide.  
Give us a call today, and let us plan with you a hunt to remember!

Nebraska State Shoot
Oak Creek would like to say a great big thank you to all the shooters that attended the Nebraska State Shoot.  Between the High School and Reg side, we had over 260 shooters attend! We appreciate each and everyone of you, and realize that you are what makes this shoot. We are finalizing up this week the payouts and should have them posted on iclays by the weekend.

Congratulations to all you winners and Thank you to all our Sponsors to make this happen:  Sportsman Challenge (Mark Mauch), Guns Unlimited, Richters Heating and Air, Turf Cars, and CZ USA.  

First Opportunity of the Season
We have our first group that has put together a European Hunt, for the morning of Sunday, Sept 17th.  This will be a 240 bird hunt and will begin at 10 am with lunch afterwards while we clean all the birds.  The cost for the hunt is $175 for non members and $165 for members.  Right now we have 12 spots left to fill and they will go fast.  The final spots will be on a first come first come basis, so don't wait.  If this date doesn't work for you and your group, let us know and like this group we will advertise it and help you fill it!  Right now we have 12 European Hunts on the books and are excited for another great season!  A European hunt at Oak Creek is a hunt you will never forget so sign up today!! Watch the video below to see how much fun and exciting this hunt can be!!
Women's Hunt Weekend
This year the Women Hunting weekend will be held on Oct 20-22nd.  This will be a weekend of hunting and shooting just for women.  Besides a few male guides this weekends hunts are set aside for just the ladies.  This year again, Oak Creek is completely in charge of the weekend and will have more opportunity for ladies to participate in different activities and have some flexibility in their schedules.  If you are interested in learning more on this hunt please feel free to contact us and we would love to help you out!  Ladies this is one weekend you will not forget!!  We feel you should be here for all the fun, but if you can make only one of the days, we will work you in.  Give us a call today and we can work out the details!!  We already have 8 ladies signed up!!


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Oak Creek League

League Update
The league has been a great addition to our events.  We have had so many new shooters shooting in it.  We have one more month to go and we already have new shooters asking about next year.  We will defiantly be doing this again.  Here is a list of league winners through July.  A reminder all guns can be picked up from Guns Unlimited and the gift certificates can be picked up at the club.  Congratulations to all the winners so far.  

April- Gun 1: CZ 712 Terry Claussen
         Gun 2: CZ 628- Lee Krouse
Gift Certificate: $300 to G.U. Bernie Brehm
MayGun 1: CZ 712 Jenna Marshall
         Gun 2: CZ 612 Rick Grabo
         Gift Certificate: $300 to G.U.
 Tom Menze
June- Gun 1: CZ 712 Gene Grosc
         Gun 2: CZ 612 Rob Walling
         Gift Certificate: $300 to G.U.
         Kyle Kovar
 July-  Gun 1: CZ 612 Dennis Holliday
         Gun 2: CZ 620 Kurt Qualman
         Gift Certificate: $300 to G.U.
         Eric Peterson 

For questions on any of these events or to set up your own just give us a call at 402-545-3111 or email at oakcreektrk@hotmail.com today!





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